Hi, I am Bob Carney. This was the beginning of a hobby gone wild. I don't think I will be shooting photos in a studio anytime soon but I do have a portable studio for those formal portrait shots. I prefer the outdoors. There is no better background that good old Mother Earth herself.

I have been snapping photos for a very long time. I have boxes of prints from High School, the Army and then the early days of my marriage. All have been replace with disk space on my laptop when I went to digital. What I have found over the years, is that it's not necessarily the equipment that makes "the" shot but the shot itself that makes "the" shot. Some of my favorite and personal best were shots taken with plain ole point and shoot cameras. The key thing is that you have to be there when it happens, capture it under the right conditions and frame it with your eye. Hopefully then the equipment that you are using had seen the exact same thing you did...most of the time it does. Digital makes it easier to fix it if it wasn't, but even now, I find myself trying to make the shot with the equipment. Digital photography allows you so much creativity, pushing the limits of fine art and the ability to correct the problems that you didn't notice in the camera when you shot it the first time. Not sure if I want to "doctor" every photo I shoot. I prefer to make the camera and my eye do the work. However, I can fix most problems with software, if needed. Yes, I can make you much younger that you actually appear.

I also enjoy sports photography. This area is going to make me spend some high dollars on larger faster lenses. You have to have a crisp quick lens to capture people and objects in motion. I enjoy capturing athletes in precarious positions. The grimace on their face after a faltered attempt or the smile after an outstanding play.

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my site. Hopefully you find it interesting enough to ask me over to cover your next event, no matter how big or small. Photos will always be a timeless treasure.