Real estate photography is more than an agent taking photos of your home with a regular point and shoot camera (and even sometimes with their cell phones.)  Excellent photos are needed to help sell you home.  The more photos a real estate listing has, the better chance of selling the property.  The lighting has to be right as well the walls need to be straight.  The details need to be highlighted and the photos need to be interesting and pleasing to view.  You will never find bathroom in my collection unless it is absolutely exquisite.  My theory is that all homes have a bathroom and no one needs to know if it has a toilet and how much toilet paper is left on the roll.   Below are a few examples of my work. 

Packages and Prices

Photos Only (8 rooms or less)


  • Photo Shoot 30 photos
  • Hi-Res Images for print
  • Med-Res Images for Web/Email

Photos & Virtual Tour


  • Photos only package
  • Custom Virtual Tour with music
  • YouTube Video

Add-on Items

  • Each Additional Room
  • Additional standard photos (per 10)
  • Setup Custom Domain for Virtual Tour
  • High Dynamic Range Processing (per 10 photos)
  • Twighlight Photo
  • $10
  • $30
  • $42*
  • $50
  • $75


*Does not include purchase of custom domain.